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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

Home Security Measures That Go a Long Way

Anyone is susceptible to robbery, home invasion, or assault. Criminals often survey their target before entering and taking a few precautions will make your home and those who dwell there less likely to be victimized. Those who have experienced someone coming into their home will often report the feeling of being violated. More than the items lost or destruction of property, the concern for the lives and well-being of those in the home are the foremost concerns. It can effect daily activities, comfort and self-assurance. There is generally enough concerns in life that take worry, that your home security should not have to be one on them. There are a variety of precautions to take, ranging from simply installing lights to a full security system in your home. Taking these measures will give the impression some one is home, deterring would be criminals and/or warning through lights or noise that their presence is known. If the question comes to mind, "why do I need a security system?", it might be beneficial to search the local statistics for crime in your geographical area.

Automated Lights/ Motion Sensors
Probably the most simple of actions to pursue is to get timers for various lights in your home to turn on at designated times. One concern that comes up is the same light coming on at the exact same time each day. To avoid the obvious repetition, one can get timers set on a weekly basis. Each day a different light can come on at a different time. Another light that is beneficial is one that is set off by motion. Easily installed in driveways, garages, porches or backyards, they serve a dull purpose to both light up when an intruder is present and to give a resident of the home light as they enter dark areas.

A criminal does not want attention drawn to them and their activities. A dog that barks at intruders and unwanted guests is a good alarm for home owners to know that someone is around their property. Dogs to not have to be viscous or attacking, simply their presence will dissuade criminals from your home.

Monitoring Systems
Installing a security system in your home has many benefits. When you have a system installed a sign can be posted as a warning that there is an alarm system, hopefully dissuading an individual from invasion. If that does does have an effect, the alarm sounding after entry will bring attention to your home and the presence of an invader. Along with the initial noise a security company can be hired to monitor your home. When an alarm goes off they will notify the police so they will investigate the problem. Another option is to have the company call your cell phone so you are notified of any alarms.

Remote Home Surveillance
A higher level of security can be installed similar to that which monitors the traffic on freeways. Remote home surveillance is made possible by having an IP address camera installed in your security system at your residence. It makes it possible to access a visual of your home in any room in which a camera is installed. Just as you can access freeway traffic situations through these cameras that are installed on overpasses, you can view your home at any given moment from any computer that has Internet access. A recording device can also be installed if you want to be able to look back over a period of time.

Taking measures to protect your home and family will help deter would be intruders as well as give you assurance that you are doing all you can to look out for their safety. Although it is not a guarantee, it is effective to reduce incidents of breaking and entering and violence within your home. Even the simple things make a big difference.

About the Author:
Francesca Black develops educational material for and a top resource for locating security related RSS feeds.


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