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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

A Security Port Blog
Spy on Your Competitors

The old adage, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer", is applicable not only to personal relationships but business relationships as well. While I'm not suggesting that you befriend your competitors, it is important that you are cognizant of your competitors' business ventures and methods.

It is important to realize that while monitoring your competitors is essential, it could easily become an obsession. Therefore, it is crucial that you strike a balance when incorporating it into your business plan. There are several ways to conduct successful stealth competitive intelligence operations. While it is fanciful to imagine yourself as a secret agent or spy, none of these techniques are difficult, hidden or secretive. In fact, most of them are tools or services available to all businesses.

Spy on Your Competitors

Airline Security Ban Lightens Up

The U.S. government plans to partially lift a six-week-old ban against passengers bringing liquids, aerosols and gels onto airliners, saying some items will be permitted if carried in small, travel-sized containers.

Porn Sites Exploits Security Hole

A handful of Russian porn sites have become the first to take advantage of a "critical" security hole in Internet Explorer (IE), using it to drop malicious spyware onto visitors' computers.

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The Cost of Freeware

You get what you pay for -

Some of the limitations in free security software packages "aren't always obvious to the end users until they run into a problem they thought might be addressed," said David Luft, a senior vice president for security vendor CA. "They think they have something that's fully protecting them, when in reality they don't protect in a way they might need."

Mobile Security Detectors

US mobile wireless sensor developer Gentag has been awarded a patent which covers the use of sensors in a phone, PDA, watch, or pager to detect noxious fumes and warn the user.

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Apple's Security Woes

First, there was Apple's massive May security update, which patched more than 40 vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and QuickTime. Then the company patched 26 more vulnerabilities in August. Almost simultaneously, security researchers took advantage of a wireless driver vulnerability to hack into a MacBook at this year's Black Hat conference.

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White House Selects Cybersecurity Chief

The White House has chosen an industry information security specialist as its cybersecurity chief, an official said on September 18, filling a job that has had no permanent director for a year.

U.S. Unprepared for Internet Attack Recovery

The United States is not prepared to effectively coordinate a public/private recovery from a major attack on the Internet, cyber security officials told Congress today.

The primary problem, they explained to a sparsely attended House hearing, is leadership and clear lines of authority.

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Careers in Security

There was a time when might made right, when the victor was determined on the battlefield, and the tools of destruction were the weapons of war. That time is past. Keeping our nation safe and secure today involves much more than wielding a sword against the enemy. The development of new technology and communications systems has transformed the job of keeping our nation safe. The weapons of war today include some of the same tools we see in our schools: computers, communication devices, and electronics. While we benefit from the advancements in the telecommunications industry, so do our adversaries. We can no longer protect the outer borders of our nation and feel safe. The enemies of the present and future are bright, educated individuals who require us to be prepared and keep a step ahead. There is a great and steady demand for professionals in security-related fields.

Careers in Security

Microsoft Hacker

A solitary computer hacker has entangled Microsoft in a high-stakes battle of wits by repeatedly releasing a free program that strips away the software lock that the company created to protect digital movies and songs from being freely copied by Internet users.

In July, the computer programmer, who identifies himself as Viodentia in Internet postings, released an online tool to remove copy protection from movie and song files. It was a refinement of an existing program, making it easier to use. The program, he stressed, was intended only to enable purchasers of digital media to exercise so-called fair use rights in copying material they had already acquired. Since then, it has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

Cyber Criminals Getting Organized

Cyber scams are increasingly being committed by organized crime syndicates out to profit from sophisticated ruses rather than hackers keen to make an online name for themselves, according to a top U.S. official.

Christopher Painter, deputy chief of the computer crimes and intellectual property section at the Department of Justice, said there had been a distinct shift in recent years in the type of cyber criminals that online detectives now encounter.

Cyber Crime

Second Life Security Breach

Second Life, the fast-growing online site where hundreds of thousands of people play out fantasy lives online, has suffered a computer security breach that exposed the real-world personal data of its users.

More Info

Never Forget

Campus Security

As students head back to campuses consider the security provided by the various Universities and Colleges.

It may surprise you to know that college and university campuses are scenes to more than just socializing and learning. All too often, they can also be the scenes of a crime. Awareness of this problem has grown dramatically over the last twenty years, and many institutions are taking appropriate measures to protect their students from malice.

Security on Campus

Cell Phones and PDAs are Treasure Troves

Most used cell phones and PDAs contain personal information that their former owners neglected to adequately delete, according to security company Trust Digital. Trust Digital examined a small sample of used phones and PDAs purchased from sellers on eBay and recovered data from nine out of 10 of the devices.

Humans are the Weakest Security Link

Security technology is so readily available, much of it for freeā€”that it's almost difficult to not be using it. Why, then, do malware and security violations proliferate at the speed of light? It's usually us, according to industry experts. Humans are the weakest link.

Computer Associates Flags Windows Component

Computer Associates caused some headaches this week after its antivirus software inadvertently flagged part of the Windows OS as malware. The SANS Internet Storm Center reported the problem Friday saying that an overnight update to CA's eTrust Antivirus signatures had caused the software to flag a security-related process in Windows as malicious.

Mobile VOIP a Security Concern

Here is a bad news for the users who are inclined to enjoy VoIP services from thier mobile phones. Because these phones pose security threat. (unfortunately details of what the threat is, is not yet available.).

Yahoo Email Fix

Recently yahoo has fixed one of the bugs found in its mail system.The security gap would allow a user's id to be hijacked and the inbox of the user accesible."We have developed a fix for this bug and have deployed it worldwide. Yahoo Mail users will not be required to take any action to be protected from this exploit," said Kelley Podboy, a Yahoo spokeswoman, via e-mail.The main issue was the attachment handling scheme of yahoo.A hacker can create a HTML attachement with specific encoding scheme and by pass the security filter. Nir Goldshlager and Roni Bachar from Avnet, a computer security company based in Israel discovered the vulnerability in early August.

Wi-Fi Security Guidance Becomes Law in California

California legislators have passed a law which will force makers of wireless internet equipment to include guidance on keeping data secure on wireless connections. The legislation acknowledges disagreement in the US as to whether it is legal for someone to use another person's unprotected Wi-Fi connection.

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