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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

Security Site Submission

Submit to the Following Security Directories

Security Protection - *only* submit RSS feeds related to security. RSS search engine / directory to locate security and protection related rss feeds and blogs.


Schneier on Security - weblog covering security and security technology.

Web Security Blog - primarily related to apache security.

Martin Mckeays Network Security Blog - I write in the hope that some day, something I say will help someone else protect their network.

Maritime and Port Security Blog - dedicated to covering issues relating to maritime port, force protection and critical infrastructure security.

RSA Security Blog - speaking of security issues

ThreatChaos - Blog by Richard Stiennon who is a vice president of Threat Research for Webroot software. He is responsible for Webroot’s research task forces to root out and define the next level of malicious software and attacks.

Virus List Blog - The Analyst's Diary is a weblog maintained by virus analysts from Kaspersky Lab headed by Eugene Kaspersky.

Law Terrorism and Security - Featuring news, editorials, blog links, and other commentary related to terrorism, homeland security, military operations and associated legal developments.

Security Awareness - gives computer security tips and tricks to government, corporations and home users.

PHP Security Blog - security issues related to PHP

F-Secure Weblog - news from the f-secure lab

Security Blog US - corporate and homeland security blog

Security Notes - Keeping you updated on network security happenings.


Security Alerts
Locate security alerts, and security feeds via a security rss feed directory.